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All Together Now
Vision, Leadership and Wellness

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Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our competitive and chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for executives and leaders in business today. My book is about the importance of aligning vision, leadership, and wellness to achieve extraordinary success - the compelling brand and registered trademark called
The All Together Now Advantage®.

Podcast Interview
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Listen to author Gail Voisin speaking about her book, All Together Now, with the Host of Personal Inside Growth in California, U.S.

Book Endorsements

"It sounds fairly simple: merge three important components to create a winning combination. But as any gourmet chef knows, having the right ingredients on hand is just the beginning. Enter Gail Voisin, who, like a Julia Child of the executive coaching world, whips up beautiful and tasty masterpieces. All Together Now is the only recipe you'll need for personal and professional success!"

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
2 million-selling author of the New York Times best sellers, the Thinkers50 Award Winner (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World.

"Gail Voisin has captured the whole aspect of leading. Whether it is about leading a team, leading an organization, or leading our own life, it starts with a vision solidly grounded in our values and develops itself through authentic leadership fueled by courage, clarity, and commitment. Most importantly, it can only sustain its resonance with wellness. Organizations are adapting to this new reality based on hard facts and improved return on investments. And All Together Now helps you understand these building blocks in a simple, factual, no-nonsense fashion. I have been incorporating many of these principles in my life and my career for many years now. Finally, here is a book that shows the exceptional value of integrating all these foundations into a more holistic approach to reach sustainable superior performance."
Ren Bourdages, formerly President, Merchandising Division, CBC Radio-Canada

"All Together Now presents an organized, easy to understand approach on how to become an effective executive and leader in today's workplace. Understanding the personal and organizational aspects of the three elements - vision, leadership and wellness, as well as how they are inter-related from both a personal and organizational perspective are key building blocks for the successful and fulfilled executive. This book should definitely be a must read on any executive's 'Reading List'."
Joan Andersen, Assistant Vice-President, Administration, Honda Canada Inc.

"In All Together Now, G. Voisin delivers exactly what she promised in her intro. If you don't understand the importance of integrating your vision and that of any organization you work with, along with your values and passion, to your leadership style, and your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness after reading this -- you never will. She points you in the right direction, without holding your hand or doing it for you -- after all, you have to want this for yourself. I found fascinating her data on personal interests and millionaires. I have already put to good use her section on Fundamental Values For Success. Another key section for me was on Choice, Courage, & Commitment. Book's scope is wide, thus the title. Relax, and read it."
Ken Godevenos, President, Accord Consulting Services Inc.

"Author Gail Voisin demonstrated brilliance in the way she creates a synergistic melding of Vision, Leadership & Wellness as set out so succinctly throughout her newly released book, All Together Now. The result is a powerful message of hope and sustainability for people focused on conquering challenges in all walks and phases of life, both personal as well as career. Anyone who picks up this book to 'thumb through it', won't put it down!"
Dick Cappon, Coach Cappon, Career/Leadership Coaching

"All Together Now is unique in putting everything under one roof that anyone working in an organization needs to know to be successful for the long term. Of particular value: a focus on wellness (it's about time organizations made wellness for all employees a fundamental priority!), which includes specific topics to discuss with your doctor to help take charge of your own health care; personal vision; and key leadership competencies. I've got a number of pages tagged for future reference. A gold mine on how to work and live successfully - a great resource for executives and those who aspire to be."
Elizabeth Duffy-McLean, Managing Director, Morning & Evening and Master of Finance Programs, Rotman School of Management

"I love the way that Gail has drawn information from so many sources including her own personal experiences and wisdom and synthesizes it in such a way that makes it very easy to understand. A fantastic read with a wealth of information with just enough story to keep it moving perfectly!"
Aaron Amore, Entrepreneur, Aaron Amore Entertainment