Strategic Business Planning Consulting for Organizations

As defined by Gail Voisin, Executive Coach, "Strategic Planning is the process used by senior management to jointly define and envision the overall strategies of the organization for future growth, and to develop specific and necessary strategies, procedures and operations to achieve that future."

Similar to her perspective in coaching the "whole person" (Leadership Development and Lifestyle Management/Wellness), Gail facilitates a Strategic Business Plan with a "whole-system" approach - a method which embraces and aligns the entire system of a company's activities. She also ensures that the strategy can be easily understood by the next level of managers to create a high level of engagement to implement the plan.

There is an overabundance of standard tools and analytical frameworks used in strategic planning which are focused on the competition as a benchmark. To ensure that the senior team doesn't let existing market structure limit their thinking, Gail also focuses on the broader potential of market space - to expand existing markets and explore untapped markets to seize new growth opportunities.

An experienced professional interviewer and facilitator, Gail is truly in the business of asking the right questions at the right time. She offers a unique blend of skills to integrate with exceptional clarity her "Eight Key Components of High Impact Strategic Business Planning" to facilitate and customize the process to meet the unique needs of the organization. When appropriate, she utilizes in-house expertise to ensure overall cost effectiveness.

For instance, much of the information can be gathered by the Finance, Marketing, Sales and Human Resource Departments. When required, she works with the organization to seek out world experts who can provide "global leading edge" research related to their specific industry.
Strategic Business Planning Cycle
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Her natural ability to quickly grasp and digest complex terminology, extensive data and information incorporated into the plan, saves the organization both time and money. Gail has a reputation for delivering a high level of effectiveness when facilitating processes to develop Strategic Business Plans. Moreover, she delivers that quality within much shorter timelines than most organizations.

Once the fundamental process is developed, Gail ensures that senior team members are clear on their specific areas of accountability. "It is critical for each senior team member to be highly engaged in accelerating the plan to achieve the desired outcomes," says Gail.

The final step is for the organization to implement and execute the plan with a focus on solid team Leadership and individual accountability. With a clear process in place, the organization can achieve its overall desired results - the payoff of a well developed and executed Strategic Business Plan.
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