Data Driven Succession Planning Consulting for Organizations

Gail Voisin provides her clients with over 20 years expertise in large corporations as a senior team member, external consultant and Corporate Coach. This includes her hands-on experience in developing and implementing Data Driven Succession Planning processes in a variety of industries and providing a valuable combination of inside knowledge and outside perspective on the challenges they face in Succession Planning.

"One thing I've learned is that it's never the same process in any organization. Succession planning needs to be highly customized and adapted to the specific client needs to achieve success," says Gail. "The key challenges of retaining high performers and planning for the long-term health of the organization must become one. It's like a 'just-in-time talent bank' linked to the fiber of your organization."

Progressive organizations understand that Data Driven Succession Planning is essential to maintain momentum and continuity. They work with Gail to develop and implement a process for Boards of Directors and/or senior management to plan for future changes. As a result, they have highly trained candidates in place when key positions become vacant, and the corporation achieves its short term and long term objectives.

"The process doesn't have to be as complex as most executives imagine it to be," says Gail. Her strategy is to simplify the Succession Planning process by integrating it into the organization's Performance Review Process and other day-to-day activities. "With today's technology, most products are competitive. It's the 'human assets' of the organization that make up the true leading edge of competition in the marketplace," says Gail.
Succession Planning Cycle
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Gail's experience and research strongly indicate that most organizations' challenges and problems eventually come down to leadership - all levels of leadership. With increasing global competition, it is essential that individuals being developed in Succession Planning have excellent leadership and coaching skills. These individuals will be responsible for providing continuity and direction to the organization as well as a return on investment to key stakeholders.

With a proven track record, Gail uses her "Ten Key Components of High Impact Succession Planning" to develop and implement a customized Data Driven Succession Planning process to meet the unique needs of the organization. She also utilizes the in-house expertise of her clients to ensure overall cost effectiveness. For instance, much of the information needed for Succession Planning can be quickly gathered in-house by Human Resources, line management and other employees.

When an organization implements a solid Data Driven Succession Planning process, key individuals are readily available and trained to step in to the required position to ensure the ongoing momentum of the organization.
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