One-on-One Executive / Leadership Development Coaching

To be highly successful, it is absolutely critical for today's leaders to have a high level of integrity, trust, self-awareness and understand how their behavior impacts others. It's one of the top secrets to success in achieving high levels of effectiveness in leading and managing people to accelerate in their performance. It's what Gail Voisin's coaching is all about.

Gail Voisin inspires and influences people to maximize their potential - to find and follow their dreams with clarity and courage. She focuses on winning strategies that achieve extraordinary high levels of effectiveness in their areas of business and personal life. She urges people to take action and explore their full human and business potential. In a nutshell, Gail's clients become laser focused on "what really matters most" for their success and fulfillment. They attain their niche in living a happy, healthy and exceptionally prosperous life.

"It truly starts with Vision and a set of core Values," says Gail. She coaches her client to develop and define his/her Vision until it becomes so clear and laser-focused that the passion is naturally ignited when articulating and communicating it to others.

Gail coaches her client to re-connect with his/her own Value system. She helps to identify his/her core authenticity and true Values. These Values act as an anchor in maintaining integrity and credibility in personal and organization decision making and keep him/her on track when evaluating possible courses of action. Gail believes that, "Living our Values ensures we have personal and/or organizational integrity and credibility."

Gail assesses and coaches the client to further build on his/her Leadership capabilities. By acting as a candid and strategic sounding board, Gail works with the client to develop winning strategies to accomplish specific, tangible and measurable objectives that link to his/her accountability to the organization's Strategic Business Plan. She designs customized training modules to further build on her client's Leadership strengths and carefully selects Management and Behavioral Style Assessment tools as required.

The key learnings in leadership development also focus on understanding how to harness the talent of each individual - thereby maximizing overall team productivity in the organization. Executives who work with Gail Voisin Executive Coaching speak about accomplishing more with less energy. There is a new-found clarity of purpose that drives them forward. And they achieve a sense of balance that always seemed impossible for anyone in a senior management position. Almost paradoxically, life gets easier at the same time that it gets more exciting for them. And more importantly, it's measurable.

The Executive/Leadership Development component of Gail's Coaching Programs also supports the Lifestyle Management/Wellness component. From the amount of time clients spend with family/friends to the new professional skills they develop, to enhancing their awareness of the importance of good nutrition, work-life integration and self-care, they live an unbelievably balanced life and achieve extraordinary results!
Gail Voisin Executive Coaching